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Family Tents

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  1. CL260 Line-Lok® Black

    CL260 Line-Lok® Guy Runner for 2-5mm lines

    The Line Tensioner that locks guy lines securely and is easy to release. Out-performs traditional alloy and plastic guy runners. Ideal for tents, gazebos, bashas, hammocks, tarpaulin shelters, caravan awnings and smaller radio masts & aerials. Learn More
  2. Clamcleat® CL5001 Q-Lok

    CL5001 - Q-Lok. Quickly adjust rope length.

    Q-Lok™ allow quick adjustment of ropes to a variety of fixed positions. Pack of 2 with instructions. Learn More
  3. Pack of 4 guylines & 4 CL260 Glow in the Dark

    CL606/P4 - 4mm Reflective Guyline. Pack of 4 + 4 Line-Lok®

    Ready to use. Protect yourself and your tent by using our Fluorescent/Reflective guyline. 4 lengths of 3 metres, plus 4 glow in the dark guy runners.

    Learn More
  4. 30m reel of 4mm rope with reflective stripe

    CL606/RL30 - 4mm Ø reflective guyline - 30m reel

    Protect yourself and your tent with our reflective guyline. Fluorescent colour for high visibility in daylight. Reflective strip for high visibility at night.

    Learn More
  5. CL620 Titanium tent peg

    CL620/R - Tornado Titanium Tent Peg

    Super strong Titanium tent peg. This V profile tent peg is ideal where you need to get a good grip. Now lower price - buy the exact quantity you need. Learn More
  6. CL621 titanium tent peg

    CL621/R - Titan Titanium Tent Peg

    No more bent tent pegs with the Clamcleat® Titan titanium tent peg. Traditional shape in ultra lightweight super strong Titanium. Now lower price - buy as many as you need. Learn More
  7. Pack of 6 x CL622 alloy tent pegs

    CL622/P6 - Alloy Y Tent Peg - Pack of 6

    A really strong, Y section aluminium alloy tent peg. One of the very best alloy tent pegs you can buy.

    Learn More
  8. CL623 titanium tent peg

    CL623/R - Spear Titanium Tent Peg

    No more bent tent pegs with the Clamcleat® Spear titanium tent peg. Manufactured from Titanium and practically indestructible. Learn More
  9. CL806

    CL806 - Jiffie Tie for bundling - Pack of 6

    This is a simple low cost device which enables light loads to be swiftly secured. Pack of 6 + 1m of rope. Learn More

9 Item(s)

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